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Project Description

Corporate Affairs Start-ups

Working for TMC companies and (cloud) service providers who love to grow and who are in need of a true Business Development specialist. Someone with consulting skills and sales background in cloud, business applications and digital transformation.

The digital revolution isn’t just about buying cloud technology. It’s about giving your people freedom to explore and experiment. Creating a culture of innovation. In fact, digital transformation is business transformation, so actually it is all about changing and adapting to this digital world we live in.

Your business strategy of the future, how will it align with your IT infrastructure?

My digital transformation consulting services are focussed on critical transformation issues and workflow improvements: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, BI analytics, cultural changes and people management at TMC companies and/or (cloud) service providers.

I bring deep, functional expertise, customer understanding and a professional and hands-on practical way of working.

My name is Jean-Paul Damen, specialist in digital transformation & cloud

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