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Inspired by potential

ValueLabs serves its clients from pain point identification to solution road map, on to building out the solution and then managing end-to-end operations. ValueLabs does all this while focusing on value creation, and putting its skin-in-the-game as required to help its clients realize this value. It is a business partner, a domain expert, a consultant, and a technology developer, all rolled into one. Likely, it is one of the very few such companies out there.

ValueLabs is a leading global technology company specializing in Digital Enablement and Product Development. Through its unique OneCompany model of engagement, it helps companies unleash the potential of digital technology to achieve real business outcomes, make processes frictionless and lead in disruptive times. Its innovative solutions and a flexible engagement model helps their clients stay ahead of the curve, drive revenues, and enhance market position. Over nearly two decades since inception, thriving on the principles of Perfection, Love, Unselfishness and (character) Strength (PLUS), ValueLabs is ‘inspired by potential’ and firmly believe in the Company as a Platform (CaaP) concept.

The genesis of ValueLabs can be traced back to a single, spontaneous selfless act. Way back in 1996, many students in a small school were unable to pay for a computer-based education Program that ValueLabs had custom-built for them. It immediately made it free for everybody. Anything else would have denied the Program to the students that needed it the most. This act, in turn, triggered a series of steps that finally led to the incorporation of ValueLabs in 1997! More importantly, the ‘unselfish gene’ had found a firm footing in our DNA.

Today, it has built a business that is driven and guided by the core values of Perfection, Love, Unselfishness and (character) Strength. Its ability to do the right thing for its clients, irrespective of the revenue impact on ValueLabs, is unmatched and something it are very proud of.

We can go from identifying client pain points to creating a solution roadmap, then to building out the solution, and finally to managing end-to-end operations. Oftentimes, we end up bootstrapping the initial effort till our client realizes value. We are powered by innovation and backed by the OneCompany approach.

Companies worldwide are struggling to engage in the traditional ‘vendor’ relationship because the journey is becoming more collaborative and iterative, requiring skin-in-the-game from both parties. The sheer magnitude of change in the technology landscape makes it difficult for companies to respond meaningfully and quickly. The only way to stay relevant is to rapidly innovate, using a wide variety of technologies in areas previously unexplored. All of this within an agile environment. We believe that this is a unique category for us to play in.

With the OneCompany model of execution, ValueLabs is able to deliver outstanding value to its clients through a selfless mindset and a frictionless workplace. OneCompany implies that we are “one” with our clients, taking up their business problems as ours and solving them by investing in understanding their business and by leveraging 20 years of software delivery expertise. On top of this, our investments in people, partnerships, accelerators and R&D labs over the last few years is helping our client realize the promise of Digital.

Companies need a trusted partner that can own the problem, experiment, invest and deliver technology solutions. And deliver them faster than ever. This is where ValueLabs exists

ValueLabs is inspired by potential.

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